a bit about Dean ...

Chances are your already familiar with the sound of Dean Bailin’s world famous pop/funk guitar riffs and leads on the #1 song “Escape (the Pina Colada Song)”. Following the success of the Rupert Holmes gold album “Partners In Crime” (which featured Dean’s distinctive guitar work throughout and also yielded the smash hits “Him” and “Answering Machine”). He’s been producing, writing and playing on recordings with many of NYC’s most talented musical artists in his Manhattan music studio ever since those songs hit the charts. 

2017 marked the release of “Chesca Makes Dean’s List” which features the distinctive vocal sound of Chesca DiPaola on 10 songs written and instrumentally performed by Dean. Unique and unforgettable pop lyrics and hooks with infectious grooves, tasty instrumental work, and colorful vocal performances from Chesca come together in this song collection  for lovers of creative pop music of all ages. 

In 2018 Dean along with Vocalist Jeanne Waller started appearing live performing his songs to enthusiastic midtown NYC audiences. When live music was literally halted in it’s tracks in March 2020, Dean and Jeanne jumped headlong into the creation of music video’s from within their NYC apartment. Several of these video’s are posted on the home page of this website. Do check out the songs and videos of “Dean and the Singing Blue Jeanne’s”. There’s lots of musicality and downright fun awaiting those willing to take a moment to have a look and listen!