1. The Jealousy

From the recording Chesca Makes Dean's List

Vocals by Chesca
Written & Produced by Dean Bailin

Finally on my own
like I've wanted for so long
to go & come as I please
and not to deal with your Jealousy
All night I can be
following my fantasies
No need to answer to 
the questioning you put me through

So I call to I'm fine
Hope your life's as good as mine
Then she pick's up the phone
tells me that your not at home...

And then the Jealousy
takes a hold
The Jealousy I can't control
The Jealousy I'm startin' to see
I'm doing to you what you did ....
to me
I recall when I gave you my all
your accusations off the wall
'bout a text you saw on my answering machine
or a name I scribbled on a magazine
All night I used to be
home in bed so faithfully 
to reassure the insecure
depths of your insanity!
Now those memories seem so far
but when I see her in your car
and you wave as you drive by
it makes me crazy, it makes me cry
(to chorus)
And then the Jealousy ....
I got my freedom now
but I don't want it somehow
Do you think about me
and how we used to be?

Ain't it funny how things change
how emotions get rearranged!
I don't need you and I don't care
but I guess we all must share …
share those Jealousies that take a hold
the Jealousies we can't control
the Jealousy I finally see
why you did what you did
to me ...