From the recording Chesca Makes Dean's List

Vocal by Chesca - ft Neko Zhang
Written & Produced by Dean Bailin


It’s been so long since I’ve seen your smile
It’s been so wrong between us for awhile
Instead of holding on I’m watching you go
but there is something that I think you should know
I want you to know………..

babe I’m So In Love with you
And there isn’t anything you could do
to make me turn you away
I could never treat you that way
‘cause I’m So In Love
So In Love with you

We might meet another time and place
We might find a smile on each other’s face
Maybe things could work out right for us then
But for now, there’s no use to pretend
Don’t wanna pretend………..

So as I turn down this light
I pray all your dreams turn out right
But when you’re out there on your own
if you find you’re lost, and so alone