From the recording Chesca Makes Dean's List

Vocals by Chesca
Written & Produced by Dean Bailin


It's been a long time coming,
but I think I'm seeing a light
at the end of this tunnel
through a dreamystical night.
been tryin' to find my own direction
no more playin' Simon Sez with my life

I feel the droning of my heartstrings
(from) vibrations east and west
been searching each and every mantra
tryn' to learn the nature of my quest
oh I know there lies an answer deep within the souls I've been
and yet will be....

I can find true inspiration, in all the faces of a crowd
from the ones that choose to trash me, to the ones that call my name out loud
('s'all good)

(I say) You can drive! Drive my Karma!
Straight up, just like a s-s-snake charmer
(then) grab the wheel on this carpet ride
'til we reach nirvana deep inside
(yeah) You can drive! Drive my Karma!
ride me all the way to destiny
' cause when you make me strive for the best that I can be
You Drive My Karma!

I'm amazed at how all people
share this random web of fate
yet some think looking down on others
drives them to a higher state
Dawg I'll listen to your dogma,
but closer to my own heart 'bout how I rate.

In every soul there lies a purpose,
some not found so easily
In every mind there lies a question
How to live life happily?
and for me there lies an answer in the smiling faces I've been
blessed to see....

From long before the day I was born to long beyond my funeral pyre
I will travel on this path upon the road that takes me higher…