From the recording Chesca Makes Dean's List

Vocals by Chesca
Written & Produced by Dean Bailin
Thinkin’ back on nights beneath the soft streetlights
us playin’ in the back of his car
and the good ol’ crowd, and the band playin’ loud
and the parties at the railroad bar
but things became so complicated
once that debutanté he dated
whispered in his ear and dragged him out of here

Chorus 1 & 2
High Society has pulled him far away from me
that small town boy in my memory
now thinks he’s way above me
Living in High Society

I felt so small when he gave me the call
and said he was flying to France
with his jet set friends for a wild weekend
in a cumberbund and silk pants
as his voice on the phone grew softer
amidst the music of Gershwin and Porter
I cried “Oh no, say it isn’t so”!

He was lost in fantasy when he’d watch Asataire and Kelly
in that movie
Now he’s gone from pumpin’ gas to hangin’ with the upper class
but one day he’ll miss how it used to be …

Some day soon he’s gonna miss my room
and the loyal friends that we once had
and the rich rich food from that silver spoon
is gonna mess up his stomach real bad
and he’ll feel like a fish out of water
when that love he found he can’t afford her
and then he’ll see what he had with me … was

Chorus 3
High Society that’s what he had all along for free
so when he comes around here, and when he finds me
I’ll be sittin’ pretty laughing at High Society
High Society oh it dragged him far away from me …